Updates on Shades - Kick-ass DataGrid updates, fragments and a brand new Showcase app

Fragments 🔪

Using fragments in React is not a new concept so I’ve implemented this also in Shades. The concept is the same - you can avoid unneccessary DOM nesting with them. The syntax is also the same - you can check out some common component code to get the idea.

export const HelloWorld = Shades({
    shadowDomName: 'shades-hello-world',
    render: ()=> <>

Compare component states 🔎

Now the state comparison API has been opened up - you can optimize the performance of your components to avoid unneccessary re-renders.

DataGrid upgrades

One of the most powerful component in Shades is the <DataGrid />. It can be easily extended with custom view components, ordering, filtering, etc… but I’ve implemented more goodies recently.

Focused item 👓

Now you can focus on an item (at row level) by just simply clicking on it. The Grid and the CollectionService will update an observable (you can also use the same service at cell level). Only one item can have focus at the same time.

Selection ☑️

The DataGrid (and the underlying CollectionService) now have an info about what row or rows are currently selected. Row selection can be used e.g. to trigger a bulk operation on items (e.g. bulk delete some entries)

Keyboard shortcuts and mouse getsures ⌨️

Usability has been also improved with the followings:

  • Up/down keys moves the focus up/down
  • The focused item will be scrolled into the view, if neccessary
  • Space toggles the selection of the current item
  • Insert toggles the selection of the current item and moves the focus down
  • + / - keys selects / deselects all items
  • * key inverts the selection
  • CTRL + Mouse click toggles the selection of the clicked element and also updates the focus
  • SHIFT + Mouse click selects all element between the old focused one and the clicked one, also updates the focus

Some thoughts on the performance ⚡

Performance is a key concept when working with grids. The underlying CollectionService and its observables serve the reson to avoid re-rendering the whole grid when something (e.g. a selection) changes.

And finally, The Showcase App 🏪

I’ve started to work on a “Showcase App” with Shades in the FuryStack monorepo. I wanted to try out some controls and mechanisms inside the monorepo and also speed up component development - so I’ve created a new package called @furystack/shades-showcase-app.

It’s also deployed via Netlify so you can check it out right now ;)

Pls visit

It contains the followings:

  • Demo for a Grid with an in-memory random collection with the new features ✨
  • Demo for a Shades wrapper of my favorite joystick component called NippleJS 🕹️
  • Demo for my favourite Semi-IDE in Shades called Monaco Editor 📝
  • Demo page for Inputs (I want to extend this in a near future)
  • Demo page for Buttons
  • A simple lorem ipsum welcome page 😁
  • And last but not least, a light / dark theme switch 😉

Regarding the Showcase App, I’ve also experimented with some interesting new tools (esbuild, playwright), I want to write about in the near future. Cheeers :)