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Updates on Shades - Kick-ass DataGrid updates, fragments and a brand new Showcase app


    A little bit of Inject refactor

    Emitting decorator type data is doomed :(


      Bye-bye extension methods

      Using extension methods was fun at the beginning but I've ran into more and more problems with them

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        Data validation with REST and json-schemas

        We have a strongly typed REST API interface with build-time type checking. Can we build runtime validation with a minimal effort? (Spoiler alert - yesss)

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          REST in peace

          Designing and implementing APIs can be hard and consuming them can be frustrating, if they doesn't work as expected. REST API as a Typescript interface to the rescue!

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            Build a business layer with a Repository

            A Repository is the next layer above the data stores. When setting up a repository, you can create DataSets that can rely on a previously configured physical store. The difference is that while PhysicalStore focuses on the data, DataSet focuses on business logic. You can authorize, check permissions, subscribe to entity changes, etc...

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              Let's store some freaking data 📦

              Where should you store your data? SQL, NOSQL, InMemory or on a sticky note on the back of your pillow? Doesn't matter if you have a PhysicalStore implementation...

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                DI / IOC with @furystack/inject 💉

                Dependency injection and Inversion of control is a common practice that tries to protect you from insanity that would happen when you realize that you can't refactor and test a giant global static app structure. @furystack/inject is a simple but powerful tool that you can use in NodeJs and in the browser.

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                  Getting started with the Boilerplate 🏁

                  So this framework really kicks ass? And how can I start using it?


                    Welcome to FuryStack, Gatsby 💙

                    The old site has been changed to Gatsby. Interested why?